The Dream Of Indian Pride


Dreams have always played an exceptional and important role in the American Indian Culture. Dreams are in-part the Spiritual fabric and education of most Indian Nations. To carry on the messages from the dreams is an honor cherished by all Indian families.

Thank you for stopping by to share in the magic of the dream for Indian Pride.

The History of Indian Pride


Like most Indian kids, I was a dreamer with a colorful imagination. Nurtured by Spiritual people and blessed with wide open spaces, my world was filled with love, freedom, security and curiosity. With luck on my side, our Creator saw fit to plant my little feet right smack dab into the heartland and home of The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian Reservation, North Dakota.

After graduating from high school, with $5.00 and all my clothes in a brown paper sack, I left home to follow my dreams. Although my heart was heavy, I had years of precious memories from my youth, unconditional love from my family, and, the drive and determination to shoot for the moon. With that Childhood safety net in place I was confident I was set for life, and knew in my heart that I could always come back home.

Fast forward…years later, I was surfing 500+ channels amazed to see new television networks for sports, music, horses and more... I wondered “Where are the teachers of my youth?” Why is there not a program about our American Indian people anywhere in television land?

It was then that the childhood dreamer in me began to visualize the future. I wanted to create a television program that would showcase the Indian Nations and profile our rich heritage with current accomplishments. We would share innovative and in-depth content that would receive national distribution and fully integrate with schools via a website so teachers could share this new knowledge with their students. “Indian Pride” was the natural title for this idea…it would be legendary! It would be the first time in history that 564 Indian Nations would have an opportunity to record in their own words, from their homeland, their stories, share their essence, create a new landscape for American Indian history, and set a new record for all of Indian Country.

To get things started, I saved a few dollars to put together a half-hour pilot video program. With my new VHS tape in hand and a clear vision in my heart, I made a special visit to Prairie Public Broadcasting in Fargo, ND. During the meeting, I introduced myself to CEO John Harris and Director of Television, Bob Dambach who welcomed me with great respect and interest for this new and exciting concept “Indian Pride”. I was invigorated and pleased to have new collaborative partners. We agreed that a 13-part series was the format to go with and now all we needed was the proper funding. The Money… oh yes, the money!

Two and a half years later, with the magic and financial support from our new Underwriters and Sponsors from around the United States, “Indian Pride” became a reality. I was also very excited and proud to have with us a new top notched distinguished Advisory Board for Indian Pride. We met; we planned, and then went to work traveling, meeting new folks from and around Indian Reservations and conferences. We smiled, laughed, had some good “Indian Food” and of course I would shed a few tears at times with my new guests from Indian Nations. Most of all, I was humbled with each trip we made, as I listened to the stories, dreams, plans from my brothers and sisters in Indian Country. Indian Pride was in the right place, at the right time.

We worked hard, and kept my dream alive and now we have completed the first 13 -part Series of “Indian Pride” for National distribution. Indian Pride is being showcased and broadcast from various Public Television Stations Nationwide. Each day we are joined by a new TV station and hope to have all 50 States on board for broadcast.

We are working on our new educational website and lesson plans that will be available for the fall, 2007. It is our hope that teachers all across America will begin to use our website, video clips, lesson plans and resources to enhance the education for all children in America.

On a personal note, as I reflect back on my childhood, I fully realize the gifts I was given as a child from my parents, grandparents, and extended family on the REZ, I am now in a position to share with everyone.

Dedicated to the loving Memory and Respect of all our ancestors in Indian Country.


“Whenever you get a chance…do something kind for a child... Bye Bye for now”

JuniKae Randall

Executive Producer/Host

Indian Pride

PBS/Prairie Public

Note: JuniKae is a proud enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, Belcourt, North Dakota.